jiro ishikawa (石川次郎)

Jiro Ishikawa (石川次郎)

1967 Born in Tokyo, Japan. illustrator/comic artist based in Tokyo. An publisher of comic book series “Wr!” “のぶお物語/Nobuo monogatari”. Inspired by the avant-garde comic art of Nemoto Takashi, he started to submit his works to “ガロ/Garo”(青林堂/Seirindo), the legendary underground comics magazine. In 1987 he made his publishing debut with “鳥人間/Toriningen” and published his first book “みぃんなじろうちゃん/Miinna Jiro-Chan”(青林堂/Seirindo). After this he worked as a cartoonist and illustrator for some years, he produced small-press books of comics, illustrations, and essays. In 2009 he published his second book “Giro”(Taco-che).

Profile from his personal page on tumblr : jiroishikawa.tumblr.com

Atomic Mega Tits (1998)

black cats gathering night

catboy - printed by le dernier cri (2014)

Chinkoman (Dick-man)

King of Utamaro Japan  final episode  – My prince