Eduard Von Hofmann's Atlas of legal medicine

carbonic-oxid poisoning (charcoal-fumes)

murder produced with a fascine-knife

murder - the result of various injuries inflicted with different instruments

punctured-incised wounds of the left hand received in self-defence

suffocation by a portion of the membranes

suicide by hanging with a double rope

suicide by cutting the throat

agonal injuries of the face

burns produced by flames

Murder or suicide by burning

child  pierced with a pointed conical instrument

infant skull

suicide through stabbing

larvae of flies in the angles of the eyelids and mouth

From: Eduard von Hofmann: Atlas of legal medicine (or. Atlas der gerichtlichen Medizin), 1898

"The colored plates and the photographic reproductions have been very ably executed by Mr. A. Schmitson." - Author's pref