The Artificial Otome Museum

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presented by Olient industry

"Love Dolls" is a dolls but she has a social , and in close contact with the life of people .She was created in order to receive the above all love .
This exhibition director art critic Yuuji Yamashita,and completely reproduced by using a love doll the painting "Japanese beautiful women" painted by Ikenaga Yasunari .
This is a new challenge to possibility of art expressivity of Love Dolls. 

’The artificial OTOME Museum'presented by Olient industry

Date ■ 2016 April 26 (Tuesday ) to May 22 (Saturday )
Venue ■ Vanilla Gallery exhibition room AB ( Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061 Ginza 8-10-7 Higashinari building B2F)
Hours ■ 12:00 to 19:00 ( admission until 18:30)
Admission fee ■ 1000yen (Under 18 years old is can not admission )
Web site ■ http://www.vanilla-gallery.com/archives/2016/20160426ab.html

Presented by Orient industry / Director: Yuuji Yamashita / Cooperation: Ikenaga KanAkira , Akira Shimoo , Gallery Art Morimoto