Kyun Kun

Kyun_kun was born in Tokyo in 1994. In pursuit of a fusion with machines, she currently creates wearable robots as fashion accessories while studying mechanical engineering. She does her own metalworking, electronics fabrication, and tailoring.
With the aim of “wearing mecha” she has been creating “robotics fashion” since high school, and began developing wearable robots in 2014. She was invited to exhibit her wearable robots at Kirin Presents “Green Apple Museum” 2014 and Tokyo Designers Week 2014 “Super robot exhibition”. She presented her wearable robot “Metcalf” at the SXSW 2015 Trade Show in Austin Texas. In September of the same year, She was invited to exhibit her wearable robots at “Ars Electronica Gala” in Linz, Austria. A development member of “Orphe”, and a Robotinity Technologist of ISI-Dentsu Open Innovation Lab. [From Kyun Kun's profile page] : kyunkun.com


metcalf laser feat. yavao

paradise lost


meme noise attack (live - excerpt)


the 2nd process to union

the island