Paul Laffoley on view at Kent Fine Art in New York

Paul Laffoley 

The Force Structure of the Mystical Experience 

Sept. 11 - Nov. 7, 2015

Kent Fine Art LLC 

210 Eleventh Avenue — 2nd Floor
(Between 24th & 25th Streets)
New York, NY 10001


" This survey of the visionary works by Paul Laffoley will include, for the first time, models of utopian speculations related to the architectural problems that we currently face. The show begins with perhaps his most puzzling incidence of genuine predictive powers as evidenced by the painting The City Can Change Your Life, 1962, to the current cycle of works related to the Guggenheim Fellowship (2009) project entitled Building the Bauharoque. 

 “I have been more interested in the nature of Utopian Space in terms of how to describe it and how to create it. In this regard, I feel that I harken back to reconsider the intentions and agenda of The Bauhaus, The Constructivists, The Deutscher Werkbund, etc., from the early part of this century. In doing so, it is with the belief that I am helping in some way to keep alive the “flame” of these Modernists (almost extinguished by the ‘Post-Modernists’), a flame if properly tended could burst into the ‘Fire of the Future’ which could light our way until the golden dawn of The Bauharoque.” -PL (1992)... [from the press release]

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Why is there something rather than nothing, 1964

Die Erde Blume (The earth flower), 1994

Gaudeamus Igitur, 2001

Gaudì Hotel, First level plan, 2003

Quartum Dimensio Aedificium (The Claude Bragdon Memorial Building), 1973

Quartum Dimensio Aedificium, 1975

The gate of braham - The cosmic octave, 1971

The Renovatio Mundi, 1977

The visionary point, 1970