William Mortensen at La Luz de Jesus Gallery

Feral House Presents 

American Grotesque: the Life and Art of William Mortensen 

Grotesque is a lavish retrospective of grotesque, occult, and erotic images by the forgotten Hollywood photographer William Mortensen (1897–1965), an innovative pictorialist visionary whom Ansel Adams called the “Antichrist” and to whom Anton LaVey dedicated The Satanic Bible. Mortensen’s countless technical innovations and inspired use of special effects prefigures the development of digital manipulation and Photoshop. Includes a gallery of more than one hundred striking photographs in duotone and color, many of them previously unseen, and accompanying essays by Mortensen and others on his life, work, techniques, and influence (from the website of "La Luz de Jesus Gallery")

Images from the book are currently on display in the gallery

more info: laluzdejesus.com

A Romany Maid

Caprice Viennois

Human Relations - 1932


Mutual Admiration

Nicolò Paganini

Preparation for the Sabbath

Staked Witch Scene

The Glory of War