Eugène-Louis Doyen

Dr. Doyen separating Hindoo twins

Eugène Doyen (à gauche) pratiquant probablement le méchage d'un abcès de paroi [Eugene Dean (left) practicing probably the packing of a wound abscess]

Eugène Doyen demonstrating his bipolar coagulation device

Eugène-Louis Doyen (December 16, 1859 - November 21, 1916) was a French surgeon who was a native of Reims. He was the son of Octave Doyen (1831-1895), who served as mayor of Reims.

Eugène Doyen studied medicine in Reims and Paris, and later opened a private medical institute in Paris that attracted a wealthy clientele. Doyen was a skilled and innovative physician who introduced several surgical techniques and medical instruments, some of which bear his name today. He was a pioneer in the use of electrosurgery and electrocoagulation, and also marketed a yeast extract he called "mycolysine" for treatment of infectious diseases (continue reading @ wikipedia.org)