Anne Brigman, The Bubble, 1907

Charles Marville, Charles Delahaye, 1852c.

Charles Nègre, Etude d'après nature, 1850c.

Gerda Daumerlang and Anneliese Rapp

José Maria Sert y Badia, Couple, 1910 c.

Man Ray, Nude with Shells, ca. 1925

Meret Oppenheim, X-ray of the Skull of Meret Oppenheim, 1964

Michelangelo Pistoletto and Maria Pioppi playing "Le trombe del giudizio", 1968

Salvador Dali´, Gala’s Foot, ca. 1974

Werner Krauss and Johanna Terwin

Alberta and Adamae Vaughn

Helmar Liedermann, Miss Alaska