Dr. Lakra

Dr. Lakra

29 January > 9 May 2011

Museo Amparo

Sin título/Untitled (Retrato de mujer con calaca), 2007

Jerónimo López Ramírez (born 1972, Oaxaca, Mexico) is a self-taught illustrator and tattoo artist who signs his work as Dr. Lakra. This alias reflects the artist's tendency towards rebellion— "doctor" is a title that commands respect, while "lakra" is Spanish slang for a delinquent and a play on the word lacra, which translates as a scar or a blemish.

Lakra scours flea markets and bookstores around the world for surfaces to draw upon, including vintage prints, magazines, postcards, movie posters, and photographs. These materials are often politically and culturally charged, including portraits of politicians, seductive imagery from advertisements, and Mexican pop cultural figures like Pedro Infante and lucha libre wrestlers... (continue reading @ e-flux.com)