Nicolás Lamas: Denaturaciones

Denaturaciones: cultura y fractura

...Nicolas Lamas has chosen to work at ground zero of the collision between the rational systems utilized by museums, and the irrational desire of the cabinet of curiosities. He is exploring a new scientific system which includes glimpses of the sublime. His venture is risky because it requires courage and wisdom in equal parts, but above all commitment to an esthetic reflection of ruthless violence.

Lamas propose “denaturacion” as a technique in the identification of artificial beings as a new, expanded manifestation of nature. To denature is to change the characteristics of something, alter, distort it. Artifice is born of the application of this technique with the intention to find and give form to an object, and then to deform.

Beyond the museum walls, in wealthy societies, “the natural” is en vogue, but this is purely artificial. Because, as decadent urban beings, we like to incorporate new forms of hedonism into our landscape as an effort to give a shape to our lives that distracts our attention from aging, sickness, and death.

Jorge Villacorta Chávez
Lima, septiembre de 2009

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